TEMSS - Telecommunications Expense Management Strategies and Services, LLC

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Welcome to TEMSS

Voice, wireless, data, and internet services provide the vital network for your corporation to sell, purchase, educate, communicate and grow. Top managers have discovered measurable return on investment (ROI) with:
   - Enhanced telecom expense management 
   - Improved inventory control  
   - Optimized telecom rate plans 

TEMSS Services

We provide a multi-level range of services including:
   - Contract Compliance  
   - Contract Service Efficiency  
   - Network Service Efficiency 
   - Competitive Service Bidding  
   - Invoice Management 

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Does Your Company Have Performance Measures for...

   - Annual cost of telecommunications?  
   - Billing errors identified and refunds secured?  
   - Volume of invoices processed? 
   - Annual cost to maintain in-house invoice processing?  

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