TEMSS Services

Billing data from telecom carriers is complex and requires a level of expertise that is not commonly found among typical IT departments or accounting divisions. Many corporations find they do not have the personnel or the resources to adequately manage telecom internally. TEMSS eases the burden of possessing and retaining internal telecommunication expertise.

With TEMSS' outsourcing service, top managers can alleviate their accounts payable and IT department’s struggle to reconcile numerous telecom invoices processed each month, as well as increasing profits and efficiency of time by reducing the expense of developing and maintaining current training to validate each telecom invoice, every month.

Too often companies arrive at the negotiation table knowing less about their telecom usage than the vendor they are dealing with, relying on their suppliers to tell them what equipment and services their company possesses.

Partnering with TEMSS is a quick, risk-free way of elevating your telecom expense management performance. We focus on the best interests of our clients by offering five distinctive levels of service in telecom expense management: