Testimonials from our Customers
"The services that we received saved us an amazing 60-70%. Funds generated by this savings will be used to replaced aging telephone equipment and bring our office up to modern standards. The entire process, including making changes was fast and we were guided through everything one step at a time. It is great to have someone readily available to answer these questions who is extremely knowledgeable about the telecommunications industry." - G. Danelson

"When Terry Perkins came to our door to offer telecom management services, their reputation of producing positive results for neighboring government agencies had already preceded them. TEMSS clearly delivers on what is promised and epitomizes excellent customer service. They performed a thorough audit of what we were receiving from our various telecommunications vendors, offered solid recommendations that would result in significant cost-savings, and ensured that any changes made were completed quickly, efficiently and without any interruption to phone service." - M. Carberry

"They negotiated a conversion in service for the contract, reducing our monthly bill from over $6,000 to under $300 for that service. Their company also found several thousands of dollars in credits due to us, as a result of billing errors across all of our telecommunication providers. Needless to say, we have been very pleased with the results. We now have better service, at a lower cost savings from all of our telecommunication providers." - M. Nedza

Partner with TEMSS

Choose TEMSS, a telecom partner who understands your telecom data and can convert it into meaningful information allowing sound business decisions by senior management, which has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. Unraveling the incorrect billing data and determining your specific telecom needs is time consuming and a labor-intensive process. Successful corporations have discovered the profitable advantage to outsource the repetitive task of keeping vigil over data feeds and invoicing, freeing personnel to focus on core business tasks to generate revenues.

TEMSS’ management team is comprised of seasoned, energetic telecommunications professionals who share a common philosophy… deeply committed to delivering the best customer service and dedicated to establishing substantial savings on our client’s telecom expenses. Each member of our team brings years of practical experience to their position and offer service excellence to our clients.