TEMSS Products

Client Portal
Our portals give our clients an individualized online view into all of their telecommunications expense.  The online reporting you will have at your fingertips includes:

• Total telecom expense by vendor
• Total telecom expense by location
• Volume of invoices processed
• Billing errors identified and fixed
• Account Payable-ready files via FTP service
• Telecom expense by Department/GL account/phone number
• Customized reporting depending on your requirements

eRFP System
eRFP is a web application that allows us to facilitate your Requests for Proposal for telecom products and services. We manage the RFP process from beginning to end, including vendor participation, online bidding from vendors, and online/real time reports for you to review the status of the bidding at any moment. We use the eRFP system in conjunction with our unique expertise in telecommunications and contract negotiation to obtain the best prices for services for your company.